Cosmos & Covid-19

Cleanliness Is A Key Goal To Our Company

Here at Cosmos Event Rentals, sanitation and cleanliness has been our goal since the day we opened back in 2003. When we first open as Funny Party Rental, we have been dedicated to cleaning the equipment we rent out to our customers every week. Now that we have moved to a bigger location, we do not plan to stop giving our customers the same quality we have been providing for the last 18 years. 

See For Yourself Our Commitment To Cleanliness

We welcome you to visit our location and see our inventory for yourself. We dedicate the first days of every week to cleaning and sanitizing all our equipment. Whether jumpers, canopies, chairs, tables, or any other rental equipment, you will find our company cleaning them for the next occasion. 

We Look For Improvement For A Safer Environment

We are still taking extra steps to ensure safety for our employees and the customers throughout this pandemic. Our employees will wear masks while making deliveries. We have added more cleaning supplies that will help sanitation and are considered environment-friendly. Our cleaning supplies are strong against bacteria and viruses, but safe to the equipment and the customers.

We Are Not Stopping Anytime Soon

Once the world begins to revert back, we do not plan to stop ourselves. We will continue to provide the best service we can give. We will continue to maintain and clean every equipment that leaves our warehouse in order to have it available for the next occasion. You can rely on Cosmos Event Rentals to provide Sanitized Quality Guaranteed.