Food Service

4QT Round ChaferDish with Glass Lid
8QT Chafer Dish with 1 Compartment
8QT Chafer Dish with 2 Compartment
8QT Buffet Chafer Dish with 1 Compartment
40-Cup (8 oz) Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel Cooking Pot (Cazo)
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5 Gallon
Propane Tank
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Ice Chest (120 QT)
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Traditional Cazo Gas Burner
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Ice Chest (150 qt)
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Modern Cazo Gas Burner
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Beverage Tub (Plastic)
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Burner Stand
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Welcome to the new and improved website of Cosmos Event Rentals. We thank you for allowing us to keep growing in size and expand our services. We are making small changes here and there to make the search easier for your event needs. We hope to be there for your next occasion. 

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